After marriage love problems Love is a feeling, it really can not be put into words. It is an unconditional and passionate emotion that acts as a binding factor between two people for eternity. After marriage love problems No matter how successful a person is, love is something that you need at every stage of your life. In India people are "allowed" to experience this beautiful feeling only after marriage. After marriage love problems But what if a person falls in love before and marries later?
After marriage love problems The Indians have not yet understood the theory of loving marriage. Any marriage made without parental consent is humiliating and unacceptable under any circumstances. After marriage love problems Many times things get so ugly that parents do not even give up their children. After marriage love problems Things get ugly if marriage is a marriage between castes. Sadly, India, which is a country of many caste and religion, is divided when it comes to marriage based on the foundations of caste and religion. After marriage love problems No matter how educated parents are, they are still reluctant to have their children marry into a family of a different caste. After marriage love problemsThey do not understand that love is not something, that is, it limited my caste.
The coincidence of the horoscope determines the potential match
The main reason why families are against love marriage is because they believe in matching the couple's horoscope before tying the bridal knot. After marriage love problems In many cases it is seen that the kundali of the future bride and groom does not match. Do not match the 'kundalis' is one of the main problems with love marriages in India. After marriage love problems It is believed that the coincidence of the horoscope is paramount since this is the only factor, which ensures compatibility, love, longevity and a successful marriage. However, the younger generation does not believe in this and go ahead marrying the partner of their choice. After marriage love problems This in turn results in a big disappointment for the family members. Things get worse when the honeymoon period is over for the couple and they face real marriage problems. After marriage love problems At times like these they have no one to turn to, since the parents are really happy to be right. However, if it had been a arranged marriage, the girl's parents and After marriage love problems child would be ready to move mountains to make sure the couple is happy.

Marriage includes parents

In India,After marriage love problems couples usually live with the groom's parents even after marriage. When the parents do not approve of the bride, the mother-in-law can be a real pain. After marriage love problems When the husband goes to work, the wife has to stay all day with her mother-in-law, who usually does everything in her power to make life miserable for the wife. They stick their noses in every way possible to break the marriage. After marriage love problemsThings can get worse if you marry a "mama's boy". He calls the insecurity of losing his son to another woman or just does not like the girl, whatever, the poor girl suffers.After marriage love problems If the guy can not fix the facet of their relationship, such problems can lead to a divorce or separation. Basically, he's the guy who gets trapped between the mother and the wife.After marriage love problems
Yes, a little ventilation is acceptable, but bad-mouth all theAfter marriage love problems time puts hell a lot of negative energy around. After marriage love problems Things get even worse when the situation comes out of the family. The family then begins to compare the daughter-in-law with others and turns her into a helpless victim. Well, things can be the other way around. After marriage love problemsIn many cases it is seen that the wife plays unnecessarily a victim to separate the husband from his family.After marriage love problems


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